The Body is a Big Place

Collaboration with Peta Clancy

New media installation and pig hearts performances
5-channel video projection, heart perfusion device, single video screen, soundscape
Performance Space, Sydney, Nov 2011

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Sound: Gail Priest
Collaborating Cardiac Physiologists: Professor John Headrick and Dr Jason Peart,
Heart Foundation Research Centre, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
Curation: Bec Dean

Underwater footage
Director of Photography: Rob Hunter
Videographer: Pete West
Editor: Peter Barton
Colourist: Trish Cahill
Stills: Chris Hamilton

Pig hearts performance documentation
Videographer: Sam James
Editor: Sam James
Stills: Geordie Cargill

Installation photographs: Geordie Cargill, Peta Clancy, Helen Pynor